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I got an unlocked HTC G1 from the US recently for a project we are working on. This is the first Google Android phone and I’ll be doing a full review soon. The first thing you have to do is activate the phone with Google and I immediately ran into problems. It turns out you need to add the Irish mobile network Access Points to the phone so it knows how to connect to the internet.

For the purposed of activation I used an O2 broadband dongle SIM but I also use my normal Vodafone phone SIM since I moved to the 1GB ISP data package they now offer for the same €10 price as the old 512MB Live! WAP package.

You should definitely switch if you are on Live. I just discovered that GPS is so slow to lock on the N95-8GB with Live because the A-GPS port is blocked. It now locks in a minute or so compared to 10 minutes before.

Back to the HTC G1:

Follow the simple instructions in this forum post to get to the APN-adding screen.

For O2 Ireland the settings seem to be:

  • APN Name: O2 IE Internet
  • APN: internet
  • MCC: 272
  • MNC: 02
For Vodafone Ireland they are:
  • APN Name: Vodafone ISP
  • APN: hs.vodafone.ie
  • Username: vodafone
  • Password: vodafone
  • MCC: 272
  • MNC: 01
SMS works fine but I’ve had no joy with MMS. This is no big deal since I receive maybe 1 MMS a month and never send any.

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Michael Martin
January 19th, 2009 on 6:31 am

Are you able to get 3G on your G1 there?

,Michael Martin

Conor O'Neill
January 19th, 2009 on 10:21 am

Yep, totally. I assume it’s HSDPA (3.5G) because it’s damned fast.

Ciara Maher
June 25th, 2009 on 3:17 pm

I tried all of the above settings for vodafone ireland still dont have internet access on my G1 phone! What am I doing wrong?? very annoyed at this stage as I have the phone a few months now without the internet……

July 2nd, 2009 on 5:55 pm

Not having the MMS is not a big loss if you can email pics etc. so I could live with that. Do you think this would work on a standard O2 pre-pay account. And/or how about a cheap data bundle like the 250Mb add-on for a Pay-Monthly account?

O2 Ireland won’t let you add use a Blackberry on prepay and they are looking for €20 a month for a Blackberry with low usage on Billpay which seems a rip-off. I would really like an Android as I am using Gmail, etc. and had thought of getting an unlocked one and getting the SDK to see what I can do…


Conor O'Neill
August 25th, 2009 on 8:54 am

Sorry for the huge delay in responding to your comments, I never got the notification emails!

@Ciara Setting up internet access on Voda is very easy. Go to Settings->Wireless Controls->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->New APN. Create one where the APN is “hs.vodafone.ie”. Save, set as default, reboot the phone and you should be in business. I’ve done this multiple times and it works fine.

@Keith It’s receiving MMS that is the annoyance for me. Still doesn’t work even on latest bleeding edge firmware. It’ll work on any network if you have a data bundle (I’ve used Voda, O2 and Three SIMs). 250MB might be a little light if you get lots of email. Of course you can turn off auto-syncing to minimise data usage. It is also intelligent enough to use Wifi instead of 3G when it sees a connection.

Stephen Downey
October 26th, 2009 on 9:43 pm

hi Conor,
I’m looking for a htc hero at the moment. Would you recommend any sites that ship android phones to Ireland?

Conor O'Neill
October 29th, 2009 on 7:46 pm

Expansys.ie is your best bet for unlocked phones.

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