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The company behind LouderVoice Customer Reviews.

Who We Are

We are one of the most successful Customer Reviews solution providers in Europe. Our client base extends from Ireland to the UK, mainland Europe and the US.

What We Do

We enable Customer Reviews for your business. From easy-to-deploy systems to fully programmable APIs, we have everything you need to get reviews working for you. We are also the only providers of SMS reviewing systems.

Investor Relations

Interested in investing in one of the leading web companies in Ireland? Find out more about us here.

Welcome to Argolon Solutions, the Customer Reviews Experts

Through our LouderVoice service, you can get Customer Reviews working for you, on your site, today.


Investment News

On Tuesday, I was on TodayFM's The Last Word radio show with Professor Frank Roche talking to Matt Cooper. The topic was centered on

Fundraising Discussion on The Last Word